Perforated Panel Systems

Morin offers perforated exposed or concealed fastener panels for exterior or interior use. This unique fabrication provides a 10% to 40% open area creating the effect of a translucent screen to provide passive solar shading, control light and sound pollution, air movement or simply to obscure roof top mechanical equipment. Panels can be orientated horizontally, vertically or diagonally based upon the design.

  • Note: Because panels are perforated after the paint finish is applied, the use of steel panels in exterior applications is not recommended due to corrosion.
  • The examples of our perforating options are only representative of the hole size and overall general pattern and not of the actual hole spacing. We are happy to supply you with a perforated metal chip for your review.
  • Please also note that lubricants are utilized when perforating metal sheets or coils in order to reduce friction during the process and may result in panels with an oily appearance and surface.